Monday, February 20, 2012

Hibachi- Chi Tung- Menu?

Chi Tung in Evergreen Park, just outside the Chicago, recently added a Hubachi grill. One person said that they serve Salmon, Steak, and something else, and that you HAVE to get all three things. Is this true, or can you just get, say, the steak?Hibachi- Chi Tung- Menu?
so far as I know, you never HAVE to get anything, but they charge the same. Besides that everything there is excellent! You would be foolish not to try it!Hibachi- Chi Tung- Menu?
My friend goes to Chi-Tung ALL THE TIME. She says you can get triple the amount of whichever meat you like, but youhave to get three.Hibachi- Chi Tung- Menu?
No Chi-Tung is very accommodating. You can get all three portions the same meat or two of one meat, one different.

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